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  • Pickleball Stuff Etc.
    • If you are looking for pickleball equipment, sportswear or accessories we can help. For the latest in Gearbox paddles and accessories as well as sportswear. We also represent Onix paddles, balls,sportswear as well as accessories. If you are a beginner or a 5.0 player we have what you need. Paddles start at $55.00. Additional selections for the more advanced players are available. Try before you buy with Pickleball Stuff Etc.Contact Mel Seagle at Pickelball Suff Etc. 949-678-4550
  • Pickleball Paddles from Dink Gear
    • If you are in need of your first paddle or a replacement, Pattie has both Gearbox and Paddletek paddles for sale. Starter paddles from $59 as well as paddles for advanced players.  You pick your weight, handle size and color. Paddletek offers a limited lifetime warranty.  Demo paddles are available for you to try them first.  Call Pattie at Dink Gear (949) 400-7917

Take Lessons at Sendero Field

  • “SJC Pickleball Club would like to announce our PARTNERSHIP with AYTE(Adult and Youth Tennis Enterprises), RMV’s exclusive Approved Tennis and Pickleball Instructional Program. AYTE brings 28+ years of teaching experience and offers instruction all over Southern California. For more information please visit Members get 20% off lesson rates”

Take Lessons Outside of Sendro Field  by Pros

  • Private or Group Lessons with Dan Roditi please call or text (714) 308-1521


  • Raudel Barba -Teaching Lessons from Weekend Warriors to Seasoned Tournament Players.  Raudel is also offering evening Pickleball Clinics at Marbella Country Club. (954) 647-6305


  • Learn proper technique and doubles strategy from the 2017 National Open Doubles Champion. Couples and groups preferred to share the cost. Call Kevin Booth at (949) 463-1983


  • Adult and Youth Tennis Enterprises (AYTE) hosts Learn to Play Pickleball and Tennis for Kids and Adults at Altisima Park in Rancho Santa Margarita.  Click here for more information

Other Places To Play In The Area

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